Introducing the New Creek Chub Super Knuckle-Head

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ATTENTION SURFCASTERS: Tuna fishermen! Give the Super Knuckle-Head a try! The Creek Chub Super Knuckle-Head is 7 inches long and weighs 2 1/2 ounces. It is made of a solid, hardened foam with a through wire construction that connects the pull point, to the saltwater stout belly swivel and the rear feather dressed hook. The Super Knuckle-Head's jointed head is designed so that it won't separate and features a realistic looking three dimensional capped eye. The body and head are decorated with holographic scale patterns and are compimented with saltwater stout treble hooks.

New Hold-Tite, jointed head technology, links head of lure to body. Head and body will not pull apart, hooks will not pull out.

Over-sized, realistic inset capped eyes.

Mouth is shaped for great popping action. Throws lots of water.